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Welcome to Banks, Australia, an independent reviewer of the Australian banking industry and its products. We offer an informed opinion on all bank services provided within the banking sector. At we review banks as well as credit cards, loans and investment products that the leading financial institutions offer. Whether it is a credit card from a building society offering low interest rates or a rewards card offered by one of the major banks, it is reviewed here and you can compare the resulting financial outcome of our review before choosing which card's best suit your needs.

Personal Banking, Investment Banking and Business Banking products and services are reviewed in depth helping you make an informed decision on what product best suits you. We also provide easy to use Online Tools for you to compare the rates and possible savings should you choose to switch from your existing bank to one that is offering a better deal.

Times have changed. Quality service by staff at the customer service counter simply isn't enough anymore with online banking readily available at your fingertips. Interest rates and bank charges are now the deciding factor in which bank is your bank. Banks, Australia, is an Australian owned and operated web site dedicated to being the number 1 banking resource for our visitors.


Personal Loans

We need Personal Loans for many different reasons. Whether it is to buy your first car, upgrade your existing vehicle or head off overseas on a holiday, you can apply for personal loans to help meet the financial costs involved. Personal loans are not restricted to just non-business clients. You may have... read more

Credit Cards

Credit Cards are available for Business operators who wish to make purchases for their business or wish to charge a purchase on their card when entertaining clients. Credit card offers are varied with a large variety of not only cards but also options available with different rates of interest and different loyalty... read more

Stock Market

Many Australian's are investing their money on the Australian Stock Exchange to secure their financial future. With the advent of the internet, many mum and dad investors are investing a small portion of their savings online. With such easy access to the buying and selling of shares, the stock market... read more

Home Loans

Home loans products vary from bank to bank. You can apply for standard home loans with a low variable rate of interest and no monthly fees or a special package that includes such things as a line of credit attached to your home loan for investment or renovation purposes... read more

Savings Accounts

There are many different types of Transaction Accounts offered by Australian financial institutions that provide different features. These Transaction Accounts have a wide variety of fee structures in place so it is important to compare the costs and features of the different Transaction Accounts available... read more

Payday Loans

If you need fast cash and cant wait for a loan or credit card application to be processed by the banks then why not apply for an instant cash advance loan with Cash Doctors? This Australian owned and operated company provides thousands of Australians with an instant cash loan daily... read more